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Stocking Mill Coffee Name and Mission.

Stocking Mill Coffee Name and Mission.

     23 August 1777, a sunny day in Glastonbury, Ct, along the north side of Roaring Brook. 

     There sat the Stocking Mill Gunpowder factory. The mill was run by George Stocking Sr. and his four sons, George Jr., Hezekiah, Nathaniel and Elisha, and supplied gunpowder for George Washington's Continental Army. The factory produced a highly explosive powder used in small amounts to ignite a heavier powder in flintlock firearms. 

     They made the gunpowder using a mixture of charcoal, potash and sulfur, Eunice Cobb Stocking, George Stocking Sr.'s wife, helped deliver it to the outskirts of Boston or New York City. Eunice was returning from Massachusetts through Bolton Notch when the ground shook and a large, black cloud rose in the distance. Eunice rushed to the mill. When she arrived, she found her husband, George Jr., Hezekiah, Nathaniel and two other workers dead from an explosion at the factory. Her remaining son, Elisha, had been on an errand and survived.            

      She enlisted some financial help, built the factory up again and continued to supply gunpowder for the Army until the end of the war.

      This story inspired us so much we decided to name our coffee company after it. Our nation was fighting for it’s independence and gun powder is something our army desperately needed. She lost almost her entire family fighting for freedom. She delivered the gunpowder in what were known as “Angel Carts”. It was a dangerous job. She however took over the whole operation and rebuilt. She didn’t let sorrow, anger, or even fear defeat her.  Our freedom is a product of her actions and many others like hers. For this we are thankful.

     Many companies now make stands for issues that are being dealt with today. They use their resources and voices to bring attention and help fix whatever issue they are taking on. We commend that. 

     We have decided to do same. We already try to use our resources to help the veteran community and will continue to do so. But our focus will be on freedom. Freedom is the one word and one thing that makes any change possible. Freedom is what sets America apart and is what will keep America ahead.

     Work hard in your community to support freedom. It starts at home. Connect with others that support freedom. Stop spending money or resources on companies or areas that don’t promote freedom. Take care of your family. Raise your kids in the admonition of the Lord and with an appreciation for what we have here. Lead by example. 

     Whatever you do, wherever you go, be kind yet serious, and when you get there....arrive violently.

- The Bean Team


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C D - July 27, 2021

Is there any way to contact the SMC team? One of my orders was unfulfilled that’s a week old.

JeffMR920 - July 19, 2021

Just bought a new hand grinder and am awaiting my beans from SMC.
Like a Patriot.. I get my supplies from trusted sources.
Any questions?

MIke - July 19, 2021

Another company’s true colors are shining through the haze of BS. This old sailor will not support that company further. Hopefully your honest folks and the coffee good.

Brian - July 18, 2021

Every time that other company acts a fool, I order more Stocking Mill for the office. Great to start work with a cup of freedom.

Pablo - July 18, 2021

Dumped BRCC last year for incompetence and now those same clowns delivered me here to place a subscription for Wig Splitter. Can’t wait!

Willpower - July 18, 2021

BRCC is now dead to me. I am anxious to place my first order.

PS “vin dude”…..DJT did win. The truth is coming out and the states are fast tracking forensic audits. Arizona is the first domino starting to fall.

Leaving BRCC - July 17, 2021

Leaving BRCC after they came out as woke. Eager to get my first order from SMC. Get your shit together for a rush…I don’t think I’ll be the last…

Vin Dudé - July 17, 2021

The “Swamp Fox” blend looks to be quite interesting.
You have to be quite the LOSER to still believe tRUMP won the 2020 election.

Asa John Sroufe - July 16, 2021

Trump Won

Douglas - July 12, 2021

Bubblehead is the BEST!!!

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