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Freedom’s Price- Joe Kent

Shannon’s story is the story of freedom and love. Shannon relentlessly pursued her dreams thanks to the freedom we enjoy in this nation, her love for our nation and her family were what ultimately led her to give her last full measure for our nation. Only in America would Shannon’s story be possible. Shannon’s independent nature was nurtured in rural upstate New York by her service oriented family as she grew up riding horses and dreaming about traveling abroad to learn foregin languages and cultures. Shannon’s curiosity about the world led her to immerse herself in Spanish and French as a high school student and to enroll in college to study international business. All of this happened in a simpler...

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The Bean Team Intro #1

     23 August 1777, a sunny day in Glastonbury, Ct, along the north side of Roaring Brook.       There sat the Stocking Mill Gunpowder factory. The mill was run by George Stocking Sr. and his four sons, George Jr., Hezekiah, Nathaniel and Elisha, and supplied gunpowder for George Washington's Continental Army. The factory produced a highly explosive powder used in small amounts to ignite a heavier powder in flintlock firearms.       They made the gunpowder using a mixture of charcoal, potash and sulfur, Eunice Cobb Stocking, George Stocking Sr.'s wife, helped deliver it to the outskirts of Boston or New York City. Eunice was returning from Massachusetts through Bolton Notch when the ground shook and a large, black...

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